We celebrate the very best of Indian food.

Light of India cuisine is an extraordinary combination of flavours, delicate seasonings,
in- house freshly ground spices, marinades, and complex tastes.

We use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our dishes will capture your hearts.



Mulligatawny Soup  £ 6.00
A richly flavoured lentil soup spiced with curry powder

Anaar Avocado & Mango Salad  £ 6.50
Fresh mango, avocado and pomegranate mixed with chickpeas, glazed in olive oil, lemon & chilli dressing

Aloo Chana Chat  £ 6.50
Potatoes and chickpeas mixed with fresh coriander, herbs, tamarind sauce, yoghurt, chat masala & pomegranate

Samosa (Lamb Or Vegetable)  £ 6.00
Crispy pastry stuffed with lamb minced meat or vegetables, onions & spices

Onion Bhaji  £ 6.00
Crispy onion fritters mixed with herbs and spices

Achari Paneer Tikka £ 7.50

Chunks of Indian cottage cheese marinated in pickle & cooked in Tandoor

Vegetarian Mixed Platter  £ 7.50
Vegetable samosa, vegetable parcel, onion bhaji

Chicken Pakora  £ 6.50
Pieces of boneless breast of chicken, coated in gram flour & herbs batter

Nawabi Chicken Tikka  £ 7.00/ £ 11.50
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yoghurt with mild spices and cooked in tandoor

Gilafi Seekh Kebab£ 7.00/ £ 11.50
Tandoor minced lamb blended with mixed coriander, fresh herbs and coated with pimentos

Chicken Chaat  £ 7.00
Diced pieces of chicken breast mixed with fresh coriander, tamarind sauce, yoghurt & chat masala

Murgh Malai Tikka (Signature)  £ 7.50
Tender chicken breast marinated in thick yoghurt, cream, cheese, saffron, herbs & spices

Peshawari Lamb Chops (Signature)  £ 7.50
Tandoor cooked lamb chops marinated with garlic, ground chilli, fennel & cream

Amritsari Fish Pakora (Signature)  £ 7.50
Batter fried pieces of tilapia mixed with spices & herbs

Ajwaini Salmon Tikka (Signature)  £ 7.50
Tandoor cooked Scottish salmon chunks marinated with garlic, spices, herbs, yoghurt & lovage seeds

Punjabi Tawa Scallops (Signature)£ 7.50
Pan-seared scallops flavoured with onion, tomatoes & Punjabi kadai spice

Assorted Meat Platter (Signature)  £ 8.00
Lamb Samosa, Nawabi Chicken Tikka, Gilafi Seekh Kebab

Seafood Platter (Signature)£ 9.50/ £ 18.50
Tandoori King Prawns, Ajwani Salmon Tikka, Punjabi Tawa Scallops

Tandoori specialities

Tandoori Specialties

A traditional method replicated in our kitchen where ingredients are cooked in an Indian clay oven.

Chicken Tandoori  £12.95
Spring chicken on-the-bone marinated in yoghurt, herbs & spices

Nawabi Chicken Tikka  £12.95
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yoghurt with mild spices

Gilafi Seekh Kebab  £12.95
Minced lamb blended with fresh coriander, mixed herbs & coated with pimentos

Peshawari Lamb Chops (Signature)  £14.95
Tender lamb chops marinated with garlic, ground chilli, fennel & cream

Ajwaini Salmon Tikka (Signature)  £14.95
Scottish salmon chunks marinated with garlic, herbs & spices, yoghurt & lovage seeds

Tandoori Jhinga (Signature)  £16.95
Succulent king prawns marinated in yoghurt, carrom seeds, herbs & spices

Tandoori Mixed Grill (Signature)   £18.95
Selection of Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Lamp Chop, Salmon Tikka & Tandoori Jhinga dishes

Chefs specialities

Chef’s Specialities

Kerala Prawn Moilee  £17.95
King prawns cooked in coconut milk curry and flavoured with whole spices & curry leaves

Nihari Lamb Shank  £17.95
Slow cooked lamb shank in aromatic spiced yoghurt curry – a Mughlai recipe

Gosht Hydrabadi  £14.95
Lamb cubes cooked with curry leaves, onion, cream, coconut milk in a mild sauce

Laal Mirch Gosht  £14.95
Diced pieces of tender leg of lamb, tandoor cooked and tossed in onion, garlic, ginger, carrots, green peppers & poppy seeds

Chettinad Pepper Chicken  £14.95
South Indian style chicken curry cooked in onion, tomato gravy with black peppers finished with coconut milk

Parsi Chicken Zardaloo  £14.95
Medium spiced Parsi style chicken curry flavoured with dried apricot & topped up with straw potatoes

Malwa Mango Chicken  £14.95
Chicken cooked in mild, sweet mango sauce with almonds, coconut & cream

Chicken Tikka Masala  £14.95
Barbecued chicken tossed in an exotic tomato sauce with a hint of fenugreek with almonds, coconut & cream

Shahi Butter Chicken  £14.95
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yoghurt, spices, almonds & cashews cooked in a creamy butter sauce

Pistachio Chicken Korma  £14.95
Boneless diced chicken breast cooked in a mild pistachio sauce with coconut, cream & fresh herbs

Paneer Tikka Lababdar  £14.95
Chargrilled cottage cheese cooked in a creamy onion sauce with green herbs, almonds & cashews

Traditional Curries

Traditional Curries

Karahi King Prawn (med) (Signature)  £16.95
King prawns cooked in rich Kashmiri sauce made with tomatoes, peppers, ginger & lime

King Prawn Bhuna (med) (Signature)  £16.95
King prawns tossed in garlic, peppers, fresh coriander with special herbs & spices

King Prawn Masala (mild) (Signature)  £16.95
Marinated king prawn charcoal grilled, served in a house-made sauce with herbs & spices, almonds & coconut

King Prawn Saagwala  £16.95
Spinach cooked with king prawn in a light sauce with fresh herbs & spices

Kashmiri Roghan Josh (med)   £12.95
Lamb cooked with glazed tomato, green herbs & Kashmiri ground spices

Lamb Madras / Vindaloo (hot/   £12.95
Lamb cooked in fairly hot onion & tomato-based sauce with coriander & green peppers.

Saag Gosht   £12.95
Spinach cooked with tender lamb in a light sauce with fresh herbs & spices

Lamb Do Pyaza   £12.95
Diced pieces of tender lamb cooked with onion roundlets, mixed peppers & green herbs

Chicken Tikka Bhuna (med)   £12.95
Boneless chicken breast marinated in mild spices, grilled in tandoor, cooked with tomatoes, onions & herbs

Chicken Madras / Vindaloo (hot/   £12.95
Chicken cooked in fairly hot onion & tomato-based sauce with coriander & green peppers

Chicken Jalfrezi (med)   £12.95
Exotic hot chicken prepared in aromatic spices with capsicum, green chillies & fresh herbs

Dum Biryani Dishes

Dum Biryani Dishes

Saffron infused Basmati rice, spiced with garam masala, fragranced with Kewra water served with raita

King Prawn Biryani  £ 17.95
Chicken Biryani / Lamb Biryani  £ 15.95
Vegetable Biryani  £ 12.95

Vegetable dishes

Vegetable dishes

Side Dish £6.95 / Main Dish £10.95

Mixed Vegetable Salan
Fresh vegetables cooked together in spices & herbs in a rich semi-dry sauce

Bhindi Shimla Mirch
Fresh okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mixed with herbs & spices

Bombay Aloo
Sautéed potatoes cooked in coriander and tomato sauce with cardamom flavour

Aloo Gobi/Saag Aloo
Fresh cauliflower or spinach cooked with sauté potatoes, onion, tomatoes, coriander & fine spices

Chana Masala
Chickpeas cooked with ginger, garlic, coriander & fresh herbs

Tarka Dall
Medley of yellow lentils cooked with garlic, herbs & spices

Saag Bhaji/ Mushroom Bhaji
Fresh spinach cooked with herbs & spices or sliced button mushrooms cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, herbs & spices

Saag Paneer
Fresh spinach cooked with cottage cheese and herbs & spices



Naan  £4.00
Tandoori-baked bread made from refined leavened flour, enriched with butter & milk

Garlic Naan/Cheese Naan/Chilli Naan  £4.50
Unleavened bread flavoured with garlic, cheese or chilli

Keema Naan/Peshawari Naan  £4.50
Stuffed with mince lamb/Dry fruits & coconut

Lachcha Paratha  £4.50
Flaky bread enriched with butter & cooked in tandoor

Tandoori Roti  £3.50
Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoor



Steamed Basmati Rice  £4.00

Saffron Pilau Rice  £4.50
Saffron infused Basmati rice

Peas/Mushroom Rice  £5.50
Saffron infused Basmati rice with peas or mushrooms

Vegetable Rice  £5.50
Saffron infused Basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables

Lemon Rice  £4.95
Basmati rice infused with fresh lemon, fragrant curry leaves, special seasonings & cashew nuts



Green Salad  £4.95
Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce & red onions

Raita  £4.50
Mildly spiced yoghurt with chopped cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes & toasted cumin

Dhaba Onion Salad  £3.00
Red onion rings with green chillies & lemon wedges

Papadums (Crisp Indian flatbread-cracker, plain or spiced)  £1.75
Served with sweet mango chutney, mixed pickle, mint yoghurt & onion salad

Fantastic new set menus

We have just launched two fantastic new set menus offering great value for lunch and dinner.

Lunch Thalis

Lunch Thalis

(12.00 noon – 4.30 pm)

Vegetarian Thali £ 13.95
Shahi Paneer Makhani

Non-Vegetarian Thali £ 15.95
Shahi Butter Chicken

Seafood Thali £ 17.95
Kadai King Prawn

All served with
Tarka Dall, Cucumber Raita, Saffron Pilau Rice & Naan

Pre-Theatre Menu

Pre-Theatre Menu

(4.30 – 6.30 pm)
2 courses £17.95 / 3 courses £20.95

Starters (choice of one)
Aloo Chana Chaat, Nawabi Chicken Tikka, Gilafi Seekh Kebab

Mains (choice of one)
Shahi Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer Makhani Saag Gosht

All served with: Tarka Dall, Cucumber Raita, Saffron Pilau Rice & Naan

Desserts (choice of one)
Gulab Jamun, Kulfi (Mango or Pistachio)

Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu

(5 pm – 10 pm)
Food £44.95 / Food & wine pairing £59.95



Tandoori King Prawns
Succulent king prawns marinated in yogurt, carrom seeds, herbs and spices

Goan Tawa Scallops
Pan-seared Scallops flavoured with onion, tomatoes and homemade Goan spices
Prosecco Sensi 18K Gold NV, Veneto, ITALY 11% abv (125ml)


Murgh Malai Tikka
Tender chicken breast marinated in yoghurt, cream, cheese, saffron, herbs & spices

Peshawari Lamb Chops
Tender lamb chops marinated with garlic, ground chilli, fennel & cream
Soul Tree Sauvignonn Blanc, Nasik Valley, INDIA 2016 13% abv (125ml)


Kerala Prawn Moilee
King Prawns cooked in coconut milk curry and flavored with whole spices & curry leaves

Shahi Butter Chicken
Diced tandoori chicken marinated in yoghurt and aromatic spices,cooked in a creamy butter sauce with green herbs, almond & cashwenuts

Tarka Dall
Medley of yellow lentils cooked with herbs & spices, flavoured with garlic

Served with

Raita, Pilau Rice & Naan
Pinot Noir Les Mougeottes, IGP Pays d’Oc, Languedoc, FRANCE 2016 13% abv (125ml)

Pan-seared Pear with Yoghurt & Honey Sauce Tokaji Late Harvest Katinka, Patricius, HUNGARY 11.5% abv (100ml)

Vegetarian option available
Tasting menu is suggested for the whole table


Royal Dessert Collection

Royal Dessert Collection

Pan-Seared Pear with Yoghurt & Honey Sauce (Signature)  £6.50
Homemade recipe of lightest, healthiest yet tastiest pear dessert ever

Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Signature, Gluten-Free)  £6.50
Rich chocolate brownie topped up with dark chocolate fudge, served with vanilla ice cream

Royal Ambassador (Signature)  £6.00
Smooth chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with wafers and rippled with chocolate spread

Mango Boat  £6.00
Mango sorbet with caramel ice cream decorated with kiwi, lychee and raspberry

Almond Crunch Crocant  £6.00
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with almond crunch on a chocolate base

Malteaser Cheesecake  £6.00
Malted cheesecake with a chocolate chip cookie base, garnished with dusted cocoa and chocolate malt ball

Gajar Ka Halwa  £6.00
Indian carrot pudding with dried fruits & nuts, served with vanilla ice cream

Gulab Jamun  £6.00
Traditional Indian dessert made with milk in cardamom sugar syrup, served with vanilla ice cream

Exotic Cafecino  £6.00
Caramel heart surrounded by coffee and vanilla ice cream, topped with caramelized hazelnut

Kulfi – Mango or Pistachio  £6.00
Homemade dairy ice cream made of fresh cream and flavoured with mango or pistachio

Choice of Ice creams  £5.50
Supreme Vanilla or Dark chocolate

Choice of Sorbets (Vegan)   £5.50
Raspberry or Lemon

Dessert Cocktails

Dessert Cocktails

Baileys Orange Bliss  £9.00
A soothing concoction of Baileys Irish cream shaken with Grand marnier

Chocolate Martini  £9.00
A tempting mixture of Absolut vodka with Chocolate liqueur and Crème de cacao

Brandy Alexander  £9.00
Smooth chocolaty mixture of Cognac, Crème de cacao and cream – a perfect nightcap

Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines

Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois, Languedoc,  £5.50(glass100ml )  £19.50 (bottle)
France 37.5cl 15.20 % abv
Shimmering golden in the glass with an intense, complex nose of grapes, pear, rose Petals and citrus. Sweet, rich, powerful with a balancing zesty acidity on the long finish.

Tokaji late harvest Katinka, Patricius,  £6.50(glass100ml )  £29.50 (bottle)
Hungary 37.5cl 11.50 % abv
Medium-bodied sweet wine with notes of vanilla and caramel. Lightly sweet showing flavours of orange and white chocolate on a lightly spiced background.

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